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Software Development Project Management Methology
You need to understand business to develop quality business software.
We believe that sound software design is based upon an accurate understanding of the business requirements and concise documentation of the business rules involved, requiring both experience and strong communication skills.  Project requirements identification and resolution is often a difficult task for busy enterprises.

Kazoo Software consultants incorporate specific features of our project management methodology to successfully control each project. Every product has different critical market factors.  For some products time-to-market is the key; for others a consistent product platform is the most critical factor.  We adapt our methodology to your project and your environment.

We combine traditional planning-based methodologies with the newest agile methodologies to create a custom fit for your needs.  Our methodology is a combination of the classics spiral, waterfall, incremental, and rapid prototyping project management patterns.  Each project plan derives from the following development phases:

••  requirements that help refine your concept into a realistic possibility

••  specifications that analyze what your ideas will actually do once the project is finished

••  planning that outlines the steps to be completed on-time and within budget

••  design that documents the logic of the modular architecture

••  implementation that codes and tests the software

••  integration that tests compliance with original specifications

••  maintenance that enhances and perfects the system's performance

In many instances it is advantageous to have the assistance of a knowledgeable, unbiased software development company experienced in business software architectural design.  A fluent technology communicator must know how to build a quality software solution.  Experience helps us comprehend what is required and to convey complex concepts.

PLAN -- Defining the opportunity or problem
Businesses often react to and treat symptoms instead of addressing the actual cause of a problem.  Our experience and focus allows us to zero in on the real issues causing the problem and our software consultants can recommend the appropriate business software solution.

DESIGN -- Quantify the opportunity or problem
Knowing the source of a business problem is not enough.  Proper problem resolution requires an in depth understanding of the effects of the problem, be it time or dollars.  Problem resolution decisions should always be based upon some tangible benefit such as increased profits, improved customer loyalty, or some other strategic objective.  To accomplish this you will need a reasonable idea of the cost/value of the opportunity/problem.  Kazoo has performed cost/benefit studies for many of its clients.

PRODUCE - Identifying a solution
The nature and scope of the problem identification includes time to evaluate and select a method for resolution.  Some situation costs vs. benefits evaluations prove an experienced consultant can be most beneficial.  Kazoo can assist you in the evaluation and selection of software, technology and hardware solutions, and process enhancement strategies.  Kazoo's broad based experience allows us to identify which solutions will be most appropriate for your business problem.  Kazoo can then assist with software design, development, integration, and deployment services.

DEPLOY - Implementing the solution
Change within an organization is never easy and often why a problem existed in the first place.  Custom business software solution implementation requires diligent, systematic management to succeed.  Proper planning and timing are necessary to support ongoing business operations during implementation.  Kazoo delivers as project planning and management, design review, product acquisition, installation, testing, and training to help assure the success of your project.

EVALUATE - Measuring the solution success
One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, all the while expecting different results.  Why keep making the same mistakes over and over?  To get off this roller coaster, use deployment as an opportunity to step back and take a deeper look into the project success.  Project Reviews examine the underlying values, practices, and assumptions and provide an appraisal of the project progress and performance compared to the original plan.  Evaluation is one of the key aspects of this approach and guides further action at each stage of the cycle.  Great software never sleeps.

A high level of communications throughout the entire process is essential and our commitment to explore emerging technologies allows us to recommend sound technology solutions.  We design high-performance custom software that gets the job done.  Contact us to discuss your custom software needs.