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Kazoo Software Application Development Consulting Services
Crafting software to drive your business.

Kazoo developers craft software, in symphony with your project requirements, to provide best-of-breed solutions based upon flexibility and simplicity.  We provide this unique value proposition to our clients through excellent software application development consulting.

Kazoo Software Application Development Consulting Services combine infrastructure services, middleware, packaged applications, and custom software development fine-tuned to the unique requirements and processes of your business.  Our Internet-powered global economy means that location is increasingly becoming irrelevant and your business is always open.  Many organizations have learned the hard way that low hourly rates don't always translate to high value.  Quality and execution often matter more than cost.

Kazoo has a proven track record of helping companies and organizations leverage their technology resources.  Our software professionals act as an extension of your development team to actively address your most critical technology needs.

With Kazoo on your side, we provide all your core Software Consulting & Development competency needs.  Our resources are of the highest quality in the software industry, relying on proven methodologies for smooth execution and delivery of top quality software development services.  We have developed a strong reputation for developing software products that are held to the highest standards of quality, availability, and adaptability.  Our proven delivery model combines people, process, and technology to deliver:

••  Software Architecture and Application Development Consulting Services
Specialized software solutions have been around since the birth of the computing age when all software was custom software, written for a specific use and purpose.

Operating systems and hardware have advanced and software has evolved into mass produced applications that target specific vertical and horizontal markets.  Generic business software applications neglect companies with unique software requirements.  We understand that many businesses have exceptional requirements and that a "one size fits all" package is not an appropriate solution.  We believe that business metrics such as employee productivity, operating profits, and customer loyalty are directly influenced by the quality of business software deployed throughout the organization.

Fortunately, software development is increasingly sophisticated and Kazoo’s software development process propels these projects for a wide variety of industries.
  We can do the same for you!

Comprising proven structured application frameworks and reusable solutions and components, Kazoo’s delivery architectures enable and support business applications like:
  Enterprise systems
  Data-driven public and private websites
  Employee and partner portals
  Mobile applications

We have developed hundreds of custom business and Internet-powered software systems, and database software applications for our clients.  If you have a software problem, give us a call.  If you have an idea that will help streamline business processes, minimize errors, and increase employee productivity, Kazoo can construct the appropriate system for you.

Kazoo Software, Inc. has provided custom software development services, and solutions for numerous organizations ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies and we can help your business, too.
  Our software is built in America and we are here to service what we build! Made in the USA

••  Web / Database Driven Web Application Development Services
The frontier of business growth and opportunity on the internet seems infinite.  The challenges sometime seem endless, too.  We simplify your Internet-powered challenges with clear, concise answers.

Kazoo designs and builds custom Internet-powered solutions using the latest Microsoft .NET technologies.  Our database driven web sites are designed to use Active Server Pages (ASP), extracting and presenting data according to your business rules.  Manage your database records and our ASP programming code automatically formats the information and displays it on your web pages.  Our Web Application Development Services include ASP and ASP.NET development, web programming, and database programming.  Our consultants design and construct database driven websites using dynamically generated web pages that meet the exact needs of your business.  Our developers are experienced at taking e-business ideas from strategy to design to implementation.

Whether you need web design, copy writing, graphic development or strategic planning, you'll find depth as well as quality with our consulting services.

Our database consultants will evaluate your web database requirements and create a professional database driven website design tailored to your needs using Microsoft SQL Server and ASP.NET application development technologies.  Our web database solutions include high performance presentation and reporting tools.  Contact us today to see how our consulting services can improve the performance of your business.
  You can profit from our experience!

••  Database Architectural Design Services
Our experienced database consultants help create a database design configured to your business needs.  Our database design consultants will analyze your business requirements and implement a database solution that will improve the efficiency of your organization.  We take database consulting seriously and use Microsoft technologies for fast, accurate, and reliable solutions.

Your management decisions are only as good as the information on which you base them.  Our systems organize high quality information essential for sound management decisions.

Kazoo provides database development services for MSSQLServer, Oracle, and MSAccess databases.  We use the latest development technologies including the .NET framework, ASP.NET, and C#/VB.NET to insure that your custom database application will function properly.

Kazoo's custom software development life cycle methodology includes documentation of your project objectives, a comprehensive study of your business processing rules, a detailed system design including user interface requirements, processing rules and requirements, database design and database model, as well as detailed testing and implementation plans.  Our experienced database developers can work directly with your in-house staff or, if the situation dictates, develop the entire project from design through training and implementation.

Kazoo’s experienced software engineers design relational database systems that enforce basic entity and referential integrity rules and support data record creation, selection, modification, and deletion.  We begin with an efficient and normalized logical design, progress to a modular physical plan, and finish with smooth implementation.  Just like a fine house designed by a top architect, software success is directly impacted by the quality of the original solution design.  Built-in quality and performance will always outperform later attempts to revamp shortcomings.
  All custom business software is not equal!

••  Mobility & Wireless Services
Realizing the promise of a rapidly emerging technology is always a challenge.  Mobile solutions and the potential of anytime, anywhere information exchange provides an opportunity to re-evaluate business processes of all types and the infrastructure and strategy changes IT leaders need to make to accommodate an increasingly mobile workforce.

Mobility isn't just about wireless devices -- mobility is about getting to any data from any device, at any location, at any time.  It's about extending and improving corporate systems and data for occasionally connected mobile devices and workers.

Creating solutions that enable access to your data where you work:
  Increasing data entry quality and timeliness of decisions
  Create lightweight, powerful application with decisive competitive advantage
  Protect your data from unauthorized use
  Collect field data to increase responsiveness to customers
  Synchronize mobile and corporate data reliably
  Remotely query large volumes of corporate data quickly
  Empower multiple users to share the data and improve work efficiency

More businesses are moving towards real-time, mobile data access and are quickly realizing the benefits of adding mobile device connectivity to serve customers faster and better and provide mobile employees with access to vital corporate systems and information.
  Let Kazoo mobilize you!
A high level of communications throughout the entire process is essential and our commitment to explore emerging technologies allows us to recommend sound technology solutions.  We design high-performance custom software that gets the job done.   Contact us to discuss your custom software needs.