Our Methodology
We believe that sound software design is based upon an accurate under-
standing of the business requirements and concise documentation of the business rules involved, requiring...
Software Forces
Four balanced forces work to shape the success of software
development projects.  A project is destined for failure if the controlling...
Microsoft® .NET is a set of Microsoft software tech-nologies for connecting infor-
mation, people, systems, and devices.  It enables a high level of software...
cathy.rick.sasha.greg_projecting Kazoo Software, Inc. is a Silicon Valley software consulting company started in 2000 with a simple vision -- to be the partner-of-choice for
discriminating clients and friends that de-mand quality software development services.
Leveraging Microsoft technology across private networks and in the wild, we connect worker environments to local and remote datacenters and partner information sources.
Kazoo Software has successfully   
Kazoo developers craft software, in symphony with your project requirements, to provide best-of-breed solutions based upon flexibility and simplicity.  We provide this unique value proposition